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Führende Villenentwicklung an der Costa del Sol.

Our head office i located near Marbella, a ideal basis to cover the Costa del Sol.

The core activity of Iberis Projects consists of the design, developement and construction of high quality modern villas. In complete consultation with the client, we are able to deliver a completely finished property. We ensure the customer receives a high level of quality, service and attention in all aspects. We make investing in a property simple, easy and worth it.

The group behind Iberis Construct has a long tradition in the construction industry. What started in Germany has expanded to multiple countries in southern Europe. Iberis Projects is responsible for numerous projects in places like the Côte d’Azur France as well as in other locations on the Costa del Sol.

Iberis Construct holds integrity and accuracy of paramount importance. This means clear construction contracts, proper plans and clear cost estimates. We use the latest developments and sustainable materials in order to ensure that we are able to contribute to a better environment as well as a more advance property. A Iberis Projects property provides you with a good investment as well a a beautiful home to stay in.

Iberis Projects excels in the prefabrication of building components in both concrete and steel, which leads to exceptional, high quality end results with large open spaces unspoilt by columns, enabling you to enjoy the finest views to the fullest. These elements are produced in its own factories in Belgium, France and Germany.

‘Iberis Projects’ has always been a forerunner in the latest building techniques. Since June 2013 the EPC standard has been applied in Spain and they are the first on the Costa del Sol with the application of the highest quality in the field of insulation, energy and living quality.

By using the highest quality materials combined with the most economical and most profitable techniques, such as solar energy, heat pumps with efficiency of up to 700% and thermo coupling on aeration and venting, Iberis Construct has achieved the ‘A-label’ for decades.

This combined with the complete construction of “Thermo Walls” (insulated concrete walls) results in achieving the lowest power consumption and maximum comfort. (See energy label) Besides building with the most modern materials, we advise the customer about the latest techniques we obtain from our close developers from the industry .

The project managers and interior designers are able to provide our customers with advice and action on the extensive choices and finishings.

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